Random Access Memory (RAM) is crucial to the overall functioning of your computer system. Upgrading the RAM is one of the ways of increasing the speed of your computer. By increasing the size of RAM in your computer, you can increase the speed by which it will be able to efficiently handle the applications running on your computer. You can increase the RAM on your computer either by going to a computer service center or online.

There are several reasons that might be affecting the speed of your PC. You must ensure that you have ruled them out before upgrading the RAM by asking these simple questions –

If your computer has been infected by a virus or other harmful software that is adversely affecting its speed?

– Are there a lot of unused programs and services that run when you start your computer?

-Are there more than one anti-virus programs installed on your computer?

Once you have ruled out the above, you can consider upgrading the RAM of your PC.

Tips for selecting a RAM

When selecting a RAM for your PC, you must list down the things you normally do on your pc. Most users run several programs on their computer at the same time. The operating system needs a portion of your computer’s RAM to boot up the computer. When you use an Internet browser to research online while listening to music and also working on a word processor, these programs take up quite a portion of your computer’s RAM in order to function properly.  It’s only when your computer’s RAM has been fully used by these open programs that the computer starts slowing down. In case the computer runs out of RAM to run programs, it may freeze or hang altogether. In this situation, you will have to close certain programs or even restart your machine which may lead to loss of unsaved data.

Benefits of upgrading your RAM

You should upgrade your computer’s RAM as soon as possible if you are facing the problems described above. It is easy to do this and takes just 10 minutes of your time. There are many websites on the Internet that help you determine the type of RAM your computer uses and the maximum amount of RAM that your computer can use. The cost of RAM has decreased over the years and it is the best way to increase the speed of your computer instead of trading it for a new machine. Once you increase the RAM of your computer, you will immediately notice that you can have more programs running simultaneously. Also, these programs will boot quicker so that you spend less or no time staring at a blue screen while your computer loads the desired program for you to work on. Another benefit is that graphics-rich websites will load smoothly and playing feature-rich games will also be easier.

Good quality RAM is cheap and easy to install so you should buy as much as your computer can accommodate and benefit from the resulting higher computing speed. Get in touch with a dependable remote pc repair firm like fixit99.com and get your pc instantly scanned for pc errors, slow pc, malware and software issues.