PC Repair Tips on making your PC run Faster


As a regular computer user, one of the worst things you can face is a slow PC. In addition to being frustrating, a slow PC can also cause drastic loss in productivity and even cause your PC to crash, leading to data loss.


There are several reasons for the slowdown of your PC. These include virus or other malware infections, lack of hard disk space, and even running too many software applications simultaneously. To prevent such problems, you can perform several PC repair tasks for improving the performance of your PC. These tasks include:

  • Using the Disk Cleanup Utility
  • Using the Disk Defragmentation Utility
  • Cleaning the Registry of your PC
  • Uninstalling Malwares and Spyware Applications
  • Managing Startup Applications
  • Application and Hardware Upgrades


Using the Disk Cleanup Utility


One of the first steps to improve the performance of a slow PC is to run a Disk Cleanup utility. This Windows-based utility enables you to delete all temporary files and offline content. The resultant disk space makes your PC considerably faster.


Using the Disk Defragmentation Utility


As a result of being used for a length of time, your PC stores information in isolated fragments. Since these fragments are spaced out, your PC becomes slower. The Windows Disk Defragmentation utility enables you to reorganize the hard disk space on your PC and ensures that information is stored in an organized manner. This utility also ensures that bad sectors are identified and marked so that no data is stored on them.


Cleaning the Registry of your PC

A reason your PC slows down is when the registry of your PC is cluttered with nonessential information. Often, this information is the result of bits of information regarding uninstalled applications, applications that weren’t uninstalled properly, expired applications, or corrupt files. Therefore, it is important to clean your registry. As the registry of your PC contains sensitive information it isn’t a good idea to manually check the registry of your PC. You can either call for an online technical support for help or use a registry cleaner tool manufactured by a reputable company. These tools automatically repair registry errors and remove unnecessary data from the registry.


Uninstalling Malwares and Spyware Applications


Common reasons for a PC to become slow are viruses, malwares, and spyware on the PC. Since these applications are installed without your knowledge, weeding them out might prove to be difficult. To do this, you should install and run an anti-virus and anti-spyware application by a reputable company.       Of course, you also need to keep these applications up-to-date to ensure that they detect the latest viruses, malware, and spywares.


Managing Startup Applications


A commonly overlooked reason for low PC performance is a large number of startup applications. This delays the start of the PC and also runs applications that you don’t need to use frequently.


Application and Hardware Upgrades


Another way to ensure optimum performance from your PC is to ensure that all applications, including the operating system, the anti-virus application, and even the anti-spyware application. Moreover, if your PC has hardware issues such as low disk space or low processer speed, you need to update hardware of your PC too.


Above steps help you restore your pc to its original speed and performance level. In case, you are unable to detect the problem, you must get in touch with a pc repair company offering remote IT support. The remote pc support technicians working with the company like fixit99.com help you identify the real cause of problem and rectify the error within few minutes. Add to this, the convenience of using online pc repair services from the comforts of your home. You can get the online technical support via phone or remote access.  In case your problem is not fixed, you will NOT be charged. The online pc repair process is simple and secure. The technician fixes the problem while you are watching the entire process using an advanced software program.


Also, it is not possible for company’s engineers to log back onto to your pc after it is fixed.