Yahoo messenger is most popular among Internet users for online chatting and instant messenger services. This instant messaging and online chatting utility offered by Yahoo helps you connect with your peer group. Yahoo messenger has many features like online radio, online chatting, and Live Communication Server. Video Conferencing and SMS facilities are further added to make this utility more worthwhile.  At the same time, many bugs have been identified in the Yahoo Messenger, which affects the normal functions of your PC.


What may force you to uninstall Yahoo Messenger

At times, your PC may take more time to boot due to the Yahoo Messenger bugs. Sometimes, it will show ‘run time errors’ when the messenger is on. This may force you to remove yahoo messenger from your pc. By removing yahoo messenger, you can ensure that your pc functions normally.  Following are some of the common problems, which may force you to uninstall Yahoo IM from your pc:


  • You fail to log on to Yahoo messenger.
  • Yahoo IM may not start due to corrupt files on your pc
  • You are unable to upgrade to the latest version of yahoo IM.
  • You cannot send or receive messages.
  • Yahoo IM occupies more space in your PC
  • You start experiencing poor system performance.
  • Your may start receiving various system errors.
  • You want to opt for some other messenger.


Steps involved in uninstalling Yahoo Messenger

  • If your messenger is on log out and exit.
  • Go to the Start menu > My Computer > Control Panel.
  • Double click on Add or Remove icons at control panel
  • Select Yahoo IM  in the list and click change/Remove button
  • In the Yahoo Messenger dialogue box, select Finish to complete uninstallation process.
  • Restart your PC, if uninstallation process was not complete, then navigate to Yahoo Messenger folder in C:\Program Files\Yahoo and delete it.
  • Open Registry Editor – Start > Run > type regedit.exe
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ registry entry, delete Yahoo and exit Registry Editor.


Usually, the Yahoo Messenger files will be deleted by selecting the control panel Change/Remove icon. If the bugs present here, do not permit the uninstalling process completely, then try to visit the registry editor. Getting the expertise guidance of a reputed company involved in online computer repair is highly recommended.


For the benefit of everyone, the methods of uninstalling the yahoo messenger are briefed here. At the same time, handing over the task to a reliable remote pc support company such as fixit99 will ensure more safety to the data stored in your computer. There are chances for loosing valuable data at the time of uninstalling the yahoo messenger from your PC. So, contact a cheap computer repair company and leave the job to them to safeguard you hard disk data.


Remember, computers are playing a major role in our lives.  You may come across the situations where your Yahoo IM starts shooting problems. If that happens, seeking expert guidance of a professional rendering online technical support is surely the best option. Further, there are many trustworthy registry cleaning software available in market using, which help you get rid of obsolete and redundant entries in your system’s registry. You can seek expert advices of professionals offering anytime, anywhere remote IT support to assist you.