A malware infection refers to all malicious software that target Windows operating system, which is quite vulnerable to such attacks. This is because, Windows OS is quite popular and extensively used, and unfortunately the easiest operating system to misuse for malicious purposes.

Different types of malware infections include Computer Virus, Worms, Trojan Horse, Ad-ware, Scare-ware, Spy-ware, Ransom-ware, and Rootkits.

Top 5 ways to prevent malware infections

1)      Avoid opening emails from unfamiliar senders

This is certainly the easiest way to prevent most widespread malware infections. You must refrain from opening emails from unknown senders. Check the domain mentioned in their email and if it looks suspicious, immediately delete.

2)      Do not click links in emails from unknown senders

Malware infection not only ruins your system, but spreads to the contacts stored on your pc. Therefore, the best way to avoid a malware attack is to personally check with the sender if he or she has actually sent you a mail, if not, it can be a virus. Secondly, if the email contains a dubious link that asks you to click on it, rollover your mouse to check the URL and if it looks suspicious, it’s simply not worth your click.

3)       Use common sense

If a popup message gets displayed on your screen that informs you that “You’ve just won $100 click here” don’t click. This is because, majority of such pop-up ads are created with the intention to either collect information about you or simply infect your pc. Therefore, it’s a good practice to avoid unnecessary clicks on any such pop up ads. You can enhance the security of your computer by installing a pop-up blocker. Most anti-virus software are equipped with a link scanner and pop up blocking feature to provide complete Internet security experience to their users.

4)      Use anti-virus software

As just mentioned, majority of popular anti-virus software programs come with a link and url scanner and a pop-up blocker, so the use of an anti-virus software is highly recommended for safe Internet browsing. In addition, you should use a powerful firewall to keep your pc completely free from malware infections. To get expert remote pc repair help in choosing, setting up, and installing efficient antivirus software, get in touch with an expert pc reparir firm http://www.fixit99.com today!

5)       Proactive maintenance

You should regularly scan your pc using an efficient anti-virus software program and computer cleanup utility. The regular scan will help you ensure that nothing passed your firewall and you can double-check recently added data and installed programs. By using a computer cleanup utility such as CCLeaner , you can also get rid of temporary internet files, history, cookies, and cache from your computer. Not only this, you can even cleanup start-up program files and scan/repair the Windows system registry by using CCleaner utility.

It is possible to prevent a malicious attack if you apply these 5 ways to prevent malware infections. If you want to use the internet with full confidence, your computer must be protected against any malware infections.

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