Everyone prefers to work on a computer, which functions smoothly. If the computer works without any hassle, it helps to execute any task quickly. While working if the Windows freeze up, it annoys the person working on it. The system may take more time for rebooting.  The Windows freeze- up problems create an unhappy working environment. But, you can easily resolve them by availing an online technical support of a remote pc repair expert.


When your pc is affected by the freeze-up problems, you need to switch off the system manually or restart it. Some people start banging on the computer when they experience Windows freeze-up. Remember, banging on the pc is not the right solution for you. Rather, you must try to fix the problem so that you get it in working condition again. Many companies offer remote pc repair services to resolve the freeze-up problems.  Fixing the windows freeze-up problems is quite easy and the methods of fixing the problem are disused below:


Startup Freezes

It is quite easy to fix the startup freezes of Windows. If there is any problem at the booting level, your pc displays an error message will. The startup error message will help you spot and initiate the pc repair process. Normally, the computer freezes at startup due to a large number of programs running simoultanesouly. Start up freezes can also occur due to a newly installed hardware or software.


Following are the easy steps to fix the startup freezes:


  • Select Start      > All Programs > Startup
  • Right click on      the startup programs, delete the programs that you don’t want to get loaded      at the startup level.
  • Again go to      Start > Run and type “msconfig” it will take to System Configuration      Utility.
  • In the system      configuration utility at ‘Startup” tab, clear all check boxes related to      the programs that are not required to load at startup level. Apply the      changes and OK to implement them.
  • Reboot your pc.


Display Problems

Even though you computer works correctly, you may view an error message “Signal Out Of Range” displayed on your monitor followed by a blank black screen afterwards. It is due to the problems present in the monitor settings of your pc. You can follow the steps described below to fix the display problems:


  • Start the      computer in Safe Mode.
  • Pressing F8 at      startup will lead to select safe mode.
  • In Safe Mode,      just right-click on the Desktop screen.
  • Select      Properties > Settings Tab > configure the settings according to the      monitor and display adapter.
  • Press Apply and      OK to accept the changes.
  • Close the      Display Properties dialog box.


If you find it difficult to configure your monitor settings, get online technical support from a remote pc repair company. They offer pc repair services 24×7 and help you figure out the problem within few minutes. You need not visit your local pc repair shop and wait for days together to get your pc in working condition again. Besides, you don’t need to compromise the confidential information stored on your pc.  The process of fixing your pc is safe and secure as you will be able to watch the entire pc repair process yourself by using special software. The trained pc repair technicians working with an online technical support such as fixit99 fix any type of computer problem the very same day. And, you need not pay even a single penny if they cannot fix your problem.


Further, the computer may freeze-up due to mismatched hardware driver. An incompatible hardware driver could be located by the proper use of device manager. Apart from these, the system may freeze up due to spyware and virus attacks too. It is advisable to check the updates of the antivirus software and antispyware software are important.  Expert remote IT support services are available if you need help!