As a PC user, you are always faced with the fear of losing your precious data. You may also face problems that can arise from viruses, bugs or errors in your computer system. Most of these issues you can handle yourself without the need for a technician. You can follow the handy tips to combat Windows PC errors

1.    Check your PC’s Software and Hardware – Make sure that the software in your computer is configured properly. For instance, if your computer generates an error message that reads 0x80072ee2, it could mean that your PC is not being updated due to poor internet connectivity. Therefore, keep a check on your internet connectivity and update your Windows regularly to prevent this error. Alternatively, if you get an error message that reads framedyn.dll, it could be due to the environment system variable settings.

2. Update your PC’s Software and Hardware Regularly – Safeguard your PC from errors by updating all the software including the operating system. There are regular updates provided by the developers that allow you to easily upgrade them and thus improving the overall efficiency of your PC. In case of Microsoft based software, you can update them by enabling the option of Automatic Windows Update on your PC. This feature is available in all versions of Windows. Regular upgrades will ensure the smooth running of your PC with minimal errors.

3.    Install Antivirus Programs to Protect your PC from Malware Infestations

Malware infestations need to be detected and removed regularly with the help of a robust antivirus program. These infestations can happen if you have exposed internet connections, email attachments, open network sharing and other such mediums. These can create a lot of unwanted problems in your computer and will lead to errors like DLL, runtime, program errors to name a few. Therefore, you must keep a check for these through carrying out antivirus scans and of course updating the antivirus programs regularly.

4. Cleaning and Defragmenting your Hard Disk

Over a period of time, the hard disk tends to get cluttered with a lot of unwanted files and programs. You may not be conscious of the problem that this may create but it’s very crucial to the overall functioning of the PC.  The hardware stores all the data along with the operating system therefore it is very important to take care of it. Stocking your hardware with a lot of data can lead to your PC becoming slow. Therefore, you must remove all the unwanted data from your hardware. You can run tools like disk cleanup to remove the temporary files and rearrange the data using the disk defragmenter tool.


There is no guarantee to keep your PC running error-free in the long run.  Your PC is like any other machine that gets depleted with use over a period of time. By following the tips mentioned above you can ensure that your PC gives you the best performance in its individual life span. In case, you are unable to resolve any Windows pc errors, you can seek help of an online computer repair firm that can help you with computer troubleshooting. A dependable pc repair firm like can also help you get rid of virus infections, spyware infections, resolve software and hardware issues, and help you clean, optimize, and repair your pc.