The new Windows 8.1, the latest offering from Microsoft has a vibrant and colorful interface.  Although primarily designed for tablet users, it can be used in a desktop environment too. The big question then is if you are a long-term Windows 7 user, should you consider upgrading to Windows 8?  Let’s take a look at the five reasons why you should.

Enhanced Desktop Experience

The Windows 8.1 preview comes with features that make it more user-friendly and appealing for the keyboard users. The new version comes with boot-to-desktop which makes it easy to access your desktop.  This feature along with the jump to the Start menu-esque All App screen will instantly take you to your desktop without seeing a Live Tile.

Seamless Overall

The overall user-experience is far less intimidating than its predecessor. There is a lesser chance of you being whisked from one UI to the other.  The revamped Start button makes it easy to carry your desktop background over to the Start screen with full-fledged modern PC Settings.  This version gives you a greater feeling of control over the UI.

Multiple App Snapping

It’s flexible Snap function gives you the option to open multiple modern-style apps at once.  As per your display resolution you can have as many as four apps open on a single screen.  You can also change the size of each window. These changes coupled with the ability to open modern version of Internet Explorer 11 in multiple windows make up for a huge improvement in terms of usability for the end user.

Integrated Search Results

The smart search feature is really outstanding as it integrates everything into a single cohesive search results page which includes results from other apps like SkyDrive, Bing Web search and Video and Music apps.  This feature makes Windows 8.1’s search very versatile and helpful. You can get images along with documents, biographical information and the ability to stream songs using the Music app.

Something New at Every Corner

The Windows 8.1 preview is packed with a whole set of hidden features.  It has Miracast streaming to 3D printer support to Photosynth-style panoramas in the Camera App to the veritable cornucopia of new features buried in the revamped PC Settings menu. It also has improved and updated apps. The Windows 8.1 comes packed with a whole range of new features which will leave you spending a lot of time in discovering. It is a welcome change knowing what surprises await you each time you explore it’s OS.

The reasons cited above albeit compelling might not motivate the desktop user to upgrade this version. You may still be debating whether you want to take a big leap in your learning curve by upgrading to this new version. In such a scenario, it would probably be best if you can install the new version on your tablet and experience it’s running without hampering your day-to-day computing function on your desktop.

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