Remote IT support is undoubtedly one of the latest and the most amazing innovations of this decade. In earlier times, when your hard drive crashed, you had to drive to a computer repair company to get it fixed. An alternative was to get a technician to visit you to repair the PC.  These cost you time and a great deal of money. Above all, it led to a loss of revenue if you were in the midst of a very important business deal when the problem occurred.

If you are using a windows operating system, you can use different methods such as Error Checking tool and Disk Clean up tool to check and fix your hard disk. Let’s see how you can use the Error Checking tool on your Windows PC to scan and fix your hard disk drive.

To access this tool, you first need to:

  • Open My Computer and right-click the hard disk volume that you need to check.
  • Next, you select Properties to display Disk Properties dialog box.
  • Click the Check Now button on the Tools tab of the Disk Properties dialog box. This will display the Check Disk dialog box.
  • Select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box, and click Start to start the disk scanning process. .

In case you are still unable to rectify the problem with your hard disk, it is a wise option to contact a reliable IT support professional such as fixit99, which is a renowned and dependable name in the field of remote pc care.

Remember, things have changed a lot since the evolution of the Internet and its advanced technologies have been put to use to solve a multitude of recurring problems on your PC. Your computer may be too slow to load or may have corrupted files, data loss or encounter spyware issues. In such instances, it may sometimes be due to registry errors in which case you may resort to registry cleaning by using registry cleaner software. This may clear up your PC issues for a while and you may not experience problems, but if the problems persist, it is wise to resort to professional help by connecting to remote computer repair service.

Benefits of online PC support                                                               

Remote PC support is a blessing to computer users, as it helps them get their hardware/software problems resolved by connecting to a remote PC Repair Company. With just an Internet connection and a web browser, it is now possible to get the most complicated issues relating to your computers resolved remotely through online technical support.

Remote computer repair includes the following benefits:

  • Saves time and money.
  • No geographical barriers. The remote computer technician comes to your assistance in no time.
  • The technician controls your PC in real-time and operates it remotely.
  • Maximum customer satisfaction.

How to set up remote computer repair

For acquiring online technical support, you need to have the remote software installed on your computer and have access to high speed internet. The rest is handled by the remote computer technician and usually computer errors are fixed in a relatively short time. This is more convenient than spending a long time in commuting to a computer repair shop and getting the errors fixed.

As soon as you encounter a difficulty in working on your PC, you need to get in touch with your remote computer repair people immediately and get connected to them. You can sit in front of your PC as the remote computer technician controls your computer and works on it to fix it.

The screen-sharing technology is a wonderful option that resolves technical issues much to the satisfaction of the end-user. This facility offers unlimited freedom to the computer users. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, online computer repair is the best browser-based solution to all your computer related problems.