Owning a computer is a fantastic feeling, you get to perform your daily tasks at home or office. They provide limitless information on any subject with the help of Internet. But with that comes the flipside of dealing with common problems. The computer must be fine-tuned regularly to increase its life span. To achieve that, you need to be aware of a few basic fixes to overcome minor problems. For other major issues, you can enlist the help of a local pc repair technician or those of an online computer repair company such as fixit99.com.


As a computer user, it is important to understand the basic functionality of a computer. In most cases, the errors are minor enough for you to rectify them yourself. Most of the common computer problems encountered are as follows:

  • Hardware      problems
  • Spyware/Ad-ware
  • Computer      crash
  • Virus/Trojans
  • Slow      performance

Except for major hardware failure, the rest of the issues can be dealt with by following a series of simple steps. If the problem persists, you can approach remote IT support for further help.


Hardware problems


In case of hardware failure, it is important to identify the faulty component. You can either replace it yourself or get a computer technician to assist.




The spyware and ad-ware can slow down your internet connection considerably. To tackle this problem you can download free software from the Internet. These programs can detect the spyware or ad-ware threats in your computer and eliminate them.


Computer crash


A computer crash could occur for many reasons. It could be result of many applications running at the same time, or a single program not responding thereby affecting the entire system. You can reboot the system to check if the problem has been resolved. A very important tip is to constantly update the drivers of your computer’s components to reduce the possibility of system malfunction.




It has been observed that many computer users do not have anti-virus software on their machines. Virus or Trojans can severely affect the performance of your computer. You can find many free or paid software programs on the Internet that protect your computer and prevent severe issues.


Slow performance


The slow performance of your computer can make you a very unhappy camper. This is caused by downloading many trial applications, free software, and having many programs at start-up. A simple fix would be to uninstall unnecessary software and its relevant keys from the registry. The next step is to reduce the load of your computer by keeping only relevant applications at start-up.


There are other problems that you could encounter namely printer problems, network issues, and blue screen death error. In such cases ensure that the cabling is grounded and connected. Restart the computer and check on the network status. Confirm if the modem or the wireless router is working properly by its lights/signal strength. To avoid blue screen death error, update the hardware drivers regularly and increase your computer’s virtual memory.


The key to maintaining an almost “trouble-free” computer is to perform regular maintenance checks. Beyond the above mentioned issues, the other computer problems can be handled by online pc repair companies.