Most of the error messages displayed on your pc occur due to unwanted DLL files in your system registry. A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is an executable system file that share codes with other programs. This will help the programs to perform the pre-programmed functions. Error messages occur due to DLL files that are not associated with any tasks or function.

There are various reasons, which will fill your registry with DLL files. Improperly installed/uninstalled programs, games, themes and even virus scans can leave your system with a lot of unnecessary data, which will result in your system’s slow performance. Antivirus programs help you delete the malicious software, but the DLL files usually survive in the registry.

When you download programs that offer a lot of ‘free’ stuff, be careful. This is because most of the free programs contain some Trojans of spyware. Downloading and installing registry cleaning programs is a very good option as you can use it to delete unnecessary files and get rid of system’s error messages. But, before downloading and paying for any registry cleaning program, you can try repairing your registry by yourself.

Cleaning the Registry Manually:

Unregistering DLL files can be a little risky because if you uninstall the wrong DLL file, your system may crash instantly. So, it is important to back up your data before performing any manual registry cleaning. When an error message pops up on your window, select ‘properties’ to find the path of the file. You can use spyware programs to perform this task.

To unregister such files successfully, you can follow these steps:

  • Click ‘Start’ button on your taskbar and select ‘Run’
  • Type “cmd” and press ‘OK’ and this will open the command prompt window
  • In command prompt window, type “cd” to locate the exact file path of the DLL file that you want to remove
  • Type “cd” and press ‘Space’ button, then enter the file path.
  • This will display the path to the spyware that is in your registry. To make sure that this is an unwanted file, perform a search. You will get information about most of the viruses and spyware on different websites.
  • Left click your mouse button after the file name and type “regsvr32 /u + DLL name”. For example, if your DLL name is ‘spy.dll’, your command will be  “C:\\The file folder>regsvr32/ u spy.dll”
  • Now press the ‘Enter’ button and if the DLL is removed successfully, a confirmation message will pop up.

If these do not work out, you can seek the help of a remote IT support company. A remote computer repair company can help you remove the unwanted files that are the root cause behind most of the error messages. Sometimes, viruses can also delete important DLL files from your system, and this can also be a reason behind the error messages appearing on your pc. If that happens, you may need to restore your operating system.

Seeking expert help from a remote pc repair company such as Fixit99 will help you to restore your system data and remove or install the DLL files. It is very important to remove malicious DLL files because such files can reconfigure your system in such a way that your system will be vulnerable to virus attacks. Therefore, you can seek expert guidance from a cheap computer repair company to resolve any issue pertaining to your system.