5 tips to repair computer registry quickly

One can purchase a high-end computer for faster processing. But in spite of the heavy price tag, it too will slow down over time with many competing applications and software installations. It is beneficial to have a dependable remote pc support as it can help you resolve many computer-related problems. The trend of online technical support is fast catching on as it is very cost-effective. One of the major advantages is that you can fix your own computer with expert online support rather than getting it repaired at a store where the fear of files being read or copied increases manifolds.


The problems related to registry errors occur as the registry grows in size. This takes place as more programs are installed or removed from your pc. This leaves behind some unwanted information on the registry. It is vital to prevent your pc from registry errors to keep your system registry at its best possible performance. Here are few tips to repair your computer registry quickly:


  1. Download registry scanner
    Registry scanner will help you detect the unnecessary and corrupt files in your pc. The unwanted files are left behind by uninstalled programs and the corrupt files are embedded by malicious software. This is one of the primary reasons for the slow speed of your pc.
  2. Run registry cleaners

Run the registry cleaner regularly. The registry cleaner helps you remove unwanted files and warns of any error files. You can even schedule regular checks on your registry to keep your pc error-free.


  1. Re-installing of applications

Sometimes, the applications or hardware drivers can also cause the system slowdown. To fix this issue, uninstall the driver or application and reboot your PC. While removing an application, choose the “Add/Remove Program” option in the Control Panel. Re-install it and check for errors, if any.


  1. Use “System Restore” option

This feature is available in Windows XP and Windows ME operating systems. It maintains an updated version of the system statistics in case of a system failure. To access the System Restore option, you need to:
a. Click on “Start” on the bottom left of the computer screen.
b. Select “All Programs”, and then select “Accessories.”
c. Under “Accessories”, go to “System Tools” and select the “System Restore”    command.
d. In the window, select the “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and then click   “Next”
e. From the calendar, select a date as a restore point and proceed for system rollback.

  1. Online pc repair

    There can be instances when the error could be more serious and cannot be resolved even after following the above options. In such cases, utilize the services of an online computer repair company like Fixit99 that provides you step-by-step instructions to resolve registry- related errors. It is very convenient as you can fix any computer-related error from anywhere. However, you should choose a remote pc repair company based on its reliability, client feedbacks, online assistance, and technical knowledge.


In order to maintain a problem-free registry, it is important to schedule regular checks on the system. Using registry cleaners optimizes your computer and removes system errors by resulting in peak performance. When deciding on registry cleaners, make sure that you have good reviews on the software. Check for registry tool reviews on various websites and make a well-informed decision.

In case of a serious issue, you must seek the help of remote computer repair technicians than going to a cheap computer repair company that could harm your pc.