A computer glitch – a virus, system crash or registry errors – can cause a lot of trouble. It is irksome when you are unable to fix the issues yourself, lose valuable time, and your productivity also takes a hit. In such occasions, it is good to have the details of a competent local computer repair service that will help you solve the problem immediately. But how does one look for a good pc repair service?


Guide to find a reliable computer service

Majority of cities have computer repair stores and experts, who provide technical support remotely. To select a reliable store in your neighborhood, you must follow some of the guidelines listed below


–       Ask family and friends if they have utilized the services of any local pc repair stores. Get their feedback on the same.

–       Research for computer repair stores in and around your zip code. Also browse online directories for computer repair and services.

–       Computer magazines and local newspapers sometimes advertise computer repair service companies located in your area.

–       The local yellow pages or phone directory will have listings in your area

–       Once you have a few stores narrowed down, call the stores and get information on their policies, services, fees, and guarantees, if any.

–       Ask plenty of questions from the technicians to ensure they are qualified professionals. Look at the number of customers they service and check if they have positive customer referrals.

–       Compare stores based on expertise of the people, knowledge of the problem, and fees

–       The technician is responsible of resolving all pc problems. Enquire about technician’s experience on the job.

–       Company credentials are to be cross-checked before deciding on the best pc repair store

–       Inquire if the store charges by the job or by the hour.  How many billable hours would it take to fix the problem? In case of a quick fix, inquire on minimum charges. Are there additional charges on top of hourly rates?

–       Ask their charges for in-home or business service.

–       Check if they give guarantees on their services. They can take around 30 to 90 days to rectify the error.


By asking the right questions, you also make the technician aware of your knowledge. It pays to be a little more computer savvy. One should know the basic functionality of a computer and the most common pc problems. These tips will help you decide on the best computer service store in your neighborhood that is both reliable and committed to provide good technical support.


If you are unable to decide on a computer service center, you could opt for remote computer repair. There are many online computer repair companies that are growing steadily. The companies provide online technical support 24×7 even on weekdays and weekends. A well researched remote IT support company like Fixit99 can help you resolve all your computer problems within few minutes. Using the services of a remote pc support company may prove more cost-effective and reliable than opting for a local pc repair store.