The speed of the computer is determined based on the time it takes to perform a task. If the computer takes more time to perform a simple task, then the computer can be declared to be slow. There are various reasons for a slow computer. The speed of the computer may be based on both software and hardware issues. With the help of the software or the hardware upgrade, the speed of the system can also be increased. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 reasons for the system to become slow. These reasons include:


  • Malware interruption
  • Outdated driver component
  • Corrupted registry


Apart from these reasons, there are various other reasons too for the computer to become slow. When it is necessary, the software and the hardware upgrade has to be done. The slow or outdated processor can also be one of the reasons for slow performance of your system. Let us explore the top 3 reasons for slow performance of your pc one by one:


Malware interruption:


The malware is found to be one of the most common reasons for a slow computer. The malware can invade your system in the form of spyware, adware, virus or a bad program that ruins the all other healthy program of the computer. It affects the speed of your pc. Whenever your run a good program, the malware also starts running, and takes out a lot of memory space. This makes other programs to run slow, and eventually reducing the speed of your pc. Trojan horse is a serious malware program, which can prove harmful to your pc. Trojan horse runs with the healthy program, and eventually spoils the healthy program. You must install a good ant-spyware tool to protect your system from such malware program.


Outdated driver component:


The outdated drivers may also cause your hardware to malfunction. Therefore, it is important to update the hardware driver regularly. If the speed of your pc doesn’t improve even after driver update, the problem can be with the device driver. You must find out the compatible version of the new device driver and install it on your pc in order to rectify the problem. In case you face problems in locating one, you can seek help of an online technical support company. The remote IT support experts working with a pc repair company such as fixit99 can help you download and install the device driver.


Corrupted registry:


The registry holds all the information about the software that is installed in the computer. If the registry is corrupted, then the system automatically slows down. There are various registry mechanics that are available to scan and check for the registry errors. With the help of online technical support, you can fix the corrupted registry of your system.


Though there are various tools available that can help you identify the cause of slow performance of your pc, sometimes, you may require third-party assistance. Going to a local pc repair store may mean more time and hassles for you. In such a situation, an online technical support company can provide you with various options to rectify the speed of your system.