Experiencing unexpected system freezes is one of the most common problems faced by Windows users.  It could happen any time: while working on MS Word, scanning your PC for virus threat, or reading an important email. You just don’t know when can a hacker intrude the security of your pc and reach out the most confidential information stored on your pc. When your system freezes, it stops all your day to day work and leaves you at the mercy of a local pc repair technician, who may take several weeks to identify the problem and return your pc in working condition.


Tips to deal with system freezes

Getting the help of the Task Manager of your system is the first option when your system freezes. You can locate the Task Manager by pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del combination and display the Task Manager window on your screen. On the Task Manager window, you can select the program, which is not responding and click the End Task button to close the chosen program.


Some preventive measures to the common system freezes

There are some common problems, which may affect your PC and freeze its functions.  Knowing about the common reasons for the pc freezing problems will help you to get rid of them in future.

  • Knowing more      about your system hardware like Processor, Motherboard, RAM, HDD, and SVGA      will help you avoid the system freeze problems due to incompatible      hardware and software
  • It is not      possible to load all software into a system. You must know about the      system requirements before loading software in your PC to prevent      freeze-up problems at a later stage.


Use of Compatible Hardware

Select add-on hardware suitable for your operating software:

  • If you add a      Camera, Memory Cord, and HDD it should be compatible to your OS.
  • The keyboard and      mouse should be compatible to your operating system.

Remember, using an incompatible hardware may create memory conflicts in your system.


If you wish to know more about your system and the compatible software get the assistance from an executive who is rendering remote IT support. The experts working with a remote pc repair company can help you identify and remove unnecessary system software and restore you pc to optimum working condition. You can get the expert advice from a professional rendering remote pc support services and select the most compatible hardware suitable to your operating system.


Use of Disk Cleanup Utility

You have to be careful while downloading a third party application into your PC. You must check if the application is suitable and there is enough disk space available in your PC. Sometimes, your web browser may also download some third party application, which needs to be checked and cleaned at regular basis.


All the unwanted applications will be occupying more disk space and will cause the system freeze-up more frequently. Hence, it is quite necessary to clean the disk at regular basis. Getting online technical support in this regard will be the right choice for many. If you follow some of the suggestions given below, it will help you prevent your PC from freeze-up problems:

  • Check whether      enough space is available in the disk for temporary files.
  • Use a      trustworthy ‘Disk Cleanup Utility’ and delete all unwanted files from your      system.
  • Make it a point      to delete downloaded program files and temporary internet files at regular      intervals.


You must either use the Disk Cleaning Utility on your pc, or use reliable third-party software to clean your Windows registry regularly. If you want an expert help, you can get in touch with a cheap computer repair company such as Fixit99.com to avoid the system freezing problems.  A smooth functioning of your computer is a blessing. And, if you want to enjoy it for long, you must have a support of reliable computer repair professional rendering remote IT support.