When you receive a PC error or find that your PC is too slow, the first logical step is to check it for virus, spyware, or malware infection. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, you may need to remove unnecessary software applications and clean up our hard disk drive. However, when these steps also fail to boost the performance of your PC, it probably has a Random Access Memory (RAM) error.

What is RAM?

RAM is one of the most important components of your pc. It is solely responsible for proper functioning of your pc by storing and running all active applications. Even a slight problem in your RAM could slow down or even crash your PC.

However, before checking the RAM of your PC, which is a critical task, you should, ideally, get your PC checked by experts in the field. You can either take your PC to an expert or, if you lack time, go for remote PC support. There are many remote pc repair companies that offer online computer repair services 24×7. You can get in touch with a cheap computer repair company such as Fixit99 and get your pc repaired the very same day.

In case, you desire to handle the job yourself, here’s the help!

How to fix your RAM?

One of the first steps you need to take is to delete unnecessary data or information from the registry of your PC. This might take the form of removing information regarding software applications you’ve already uninstalled. If this step doesn’t restore your PC, a pc repair technician is likely to restore the default setting of your PC by using the System Restore option. If this step also fails to repair the PC, the RAM of your PC would need to be checked.

You can check the RAM of your pc by using one of the many software applications that help you diagnose and repair it. Most of these applications are available on the Internet and need to be downloaded before they can be used. Since these applications require testing RAM, you may be required to create a bootable disk. This disk enables these applications to test the each memory sector of the RAM of your pc to detect potential or probable errors.

Next, you need to restart your PC by using the newly created bootable disk. As your PC starts, the application detects the system errors. But, these reports consider the RAM as a whole. If your PC contains multiple RAM chips, you need to run this test by removing all but one RAM chip and repeating the test for all RAM chips. This will enable you to detect the RAM chip causing the error. But to confirm whether the RAM chip is defected, you should add it to another PC and run the test on it. If it results in the same error report, the chip is defective. Otherwise, it is simply incompatible with the hardware of your PC. In the former situation, you can simply replace the RAM chip. However, if your RAM chip isn’t compatible with the hardware of your PC, you need to check the company that manufactured your PC and determine the compatible RAM chip. After purchasing the chip, you should install it and ensure that it is properly set in its slot.

If the problem persists, you can get in touch with a remote pc repair expert to determine the possible problem.