Today all types of business transactions, medical records, and educational trainings have become dependent on computers like never before. These machines have made our lives a lot easier with respect to handling everyday dealings. But with computers, you run in to technical problems and have to rectify them to move forward. The options you have are: 1. look for a local pc store, 2. find an on-site technician & 3. Opt or the services of an online computer repair firm. The most popular of these options is the 3rd one i.e. online pc repair firms.


There are many benefits in using the services of remote pc support companies such as fixit99 including time, money, effort, and quick solutions. Looking at these benefits, the online technical support industry now has become a lucrative career option for many technicians. With remote IT support, a technician is allowed access to your computer via Internet to resolve the issue. You are able to control the entire process and watch it in progress by a “video-sharing” technology.


A few myths surrounding the remote computer repair practices are:

1. All remote IT support firms charge hourly rates


FALSE. Some companies charge by the hour while some of them charge for the services offered. It is up to you to decide what works best for you. If the problem seems minor, an hourly rate may work fine. But if the problem is a serious one, you could end up paying more for the number of hours spent on fixing the problem. In that case, charge by services may save you more money.


2. Credibility of technicians working with a remote pc repair company is sometimes questionable


FALSE. All the technicians working with online computer repair firms are highly skilled, certified and experienced to handle all kinds of technical problems. They are also updated on the latest technologies to provide support to all customers.


3. Online pc repair companies can solve all computer-related problems that are software oriented


TRUE. The Internet is the medium used by remote IT support technicians to solve your computer problems. This allows them to only fix software related issues from their remote location. For hardware-related problems, they either may have tie-ups with local on-site technicians or you might have to seek other options.


Other than these myths, the online technical support industry is very transparent field. “What you see is what you get”. The strong yet basic facts about Internet based pc repair firms are:


  1. Convenience      and accessibility with an Internet connection
  2. Time      is saved as you can get the problem fixed right away from the place of      work without moving the computer to any pc store or wait for an on-site      technician
  3. You      save money with competitive rates. A local pc repair shop might charge you      more than necessary time to fix the computer problem. The fees of on-site      technicians is also quite high
  4. Remote pc support is available 24      x 7. You can avail the services even on weekends and sometimes holiday      breaks
  5. Experienced      technicians not only solve your computer problems but also educate you in      the process by giving some tips for pc maintenance
  6. Online      tutorials are available in their websites for minor issues


A reliable online pc repair provider should not only be able to solve your computer problems but also assure you of their commitment to excellent service.