If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, you might have installed Yahoo tool bar aiming for enjoyable web browsing.  This Add- on tool helps to access your mail box and connect to Yahoo IM quickly. Further, it helps to use yahoo search engine, to receive RSS feeds, to do online eBay shopping, to know city temperature and to visit yahoo blogs at a click of a button.


Unfortunately, it have been noticed that the hackers find it easier to enter your pc when you configure yahoo toolbar in Firefox browser. This also compromises the security of your precious data. Hence, uninstalling the yahoo toolbar is a wise option for you. What how to do that? Listed below are simple and easy methods to can uninstall yahoo tool bar from your PC:


Uninstalling by using Yahoo Toolbar Pencil Menu

It is the simple method of uninstalling yahoo toolbar from Firefox browser.

1.  In Yahoo toolbar, select Pencil icon to display the Pencil menu.

2.  In the Pencil menu, select Uninstall option.

3. Next, specify the reason to uninstall the Yahoo toolbar.

4. Select Uninstall option once again.

5. Close the Firefox browser and restart the Firefox window.


Use Firefox Extension Manager

Sometimes, you my face problems in removing Yahoo toolbar by using the Firefox pencil menu. If that happens, you can try using Extension Manager of Firefox browser. Listed below are the steps involved in using the extension manager:


  • Click on the Tools      menu in the Firefox window.
  • Select the Extension      submenu.
  • On Extension      submenu, scroll down to locate Yahoo Toolbar extension
  • Click on the Yahoo Toolbar extension, and select Uninstall to display the      Uninstall Yahoo! Toolbar window.
  • In the In the Uninstall Yahoo! Toolbar window, click OK to implement the change and exit      Extensions Manager window
  • Restart the Firefox browser.


If you find the above steps are difficult to follow and need assistance, just contact an online pc repair company, which offers 24X7 support.


Recreation of Firefox Profile

If the above two methods fail to uninstall the yahoo toolbar, it is a clear indication that there is a problem with your Firefox profile.  To resolve this, you may need to recreate the user profile of Firefox. Firefox web browser uses this profile to save all your personal settings including bookmarks, passwords, and file extensions. You can also get in touch with a remote computer repair company such as Fixit 99 to recreate the Firefox profile.  If you want to try it on your own, here are the steps:


1. Close all open windows of Firefox browser on your PC.

2. Next go to the Start menu and select the Run option.

3. Type firefox.exe Profile Manager and press OK.

4.  Select the corrupted profile, and click on the Delete button to remove it.

5. Then, select Create Profile button, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to create a new profile.


After creating a new profile, you can continue to uninstall Yahoo Toolbar by using one of the above methods. If you face a difficulty in uninstalling the Yahoo Toolbar, you can seek guidance from an online technical support company. A cheap remote pc repair company can help you resolve the problem at the earliest and get your pc back in running condition.