Every computer owner wants his pc running at its peak performance. But with time, one tends to add more applications and running many programs, thereby affecting the performance of the computer. The computer registry is basically a log, which registers all the programs and applications of your computer and has a limited capacity of handling your computer activities. Beyond this limit, it acts up by slowing down the computer, freezing screens, etc. The reason for the poor registry performance includes unwanted files from uninstalled programs and applications. The only way to keep your computer “problem-free” is to repair the registry. There are many free tutorials in some of the websites hosted by remote computer repair companies.


There are two ways to facilitate the repair option for your computer registry: 1) Manual registry repair & 2) PC registry repair software.


Manual registry repair should be an option considered only by experts. It is carried as follows:

–       The process would include actual searching for unwanted files.

–       Once you have the list ready, you will go to “Start”. Then choose the “Run” option. Type “regedit.exe” in the prompt and hit enter. This will display your computer’s registry.

–       You will have to identify the unwanted keys from the important ones.

–       Now one by one, you will have to eliminate the unwanted keys one at a time.


Finding error keys in your computer’s registry is not an easy task. It is very important to have sufficient computer knowledge to carry out this procedure as accidental deleting of important files could lead to greater problems. Even by having enough understanding of the computer registry and completing the task successfully, you would have wasted a lot of time and effort in the process. You can seek online technical support in such cases.


PC registry repair software is highly recommended for registry repair and cleaning as you can be rest assured of the procedure being carried out correctly. Before choosing computer registry repair software, you must check for its reviews online. The one with high recommendation from experts and users alike should be your choice. The registry repair software can be used by anyone regardless of their computer knowledge.


The pc registry repair software works as follows:

–       Once the software is installed, you are required to run a registry scan.

–       The results will indicate the unwanted keys and computer files that have been causing problems.

–       The software then eliminates them on a command.


There are features that allow periodic scans so you do not have to remember. You have many options online while choosing the best pc registry repair software for your computer. Most of the registry repair software’s are free while some of them are paid. Depending on the reviews and recommendations, you can make your pick. Many of the paid software programs come with a money-back guarantee. Some online pc repair companies such as Fixit99.com also recommend pc registry repair software programs.


The registry of your computer is a very important component as it takes care of file allocations. Improper fixing of registry errors could cause bigger problems, thereby spending more time and money fixing them. If you are unable to resolve the problem, you should enlist the help of online computer repair companies that guide you through a step-by-step process. These remote IT support firms have experienced and qualified technicians who can get your computer quickly.