In technical terms, computer networking is connecting two or more computers for the purpose of sharing information. The networking is achieved through hardware and/or software capabilities. There are two major kinds of networks: LAN and WAN. LAN (Local Area Network) is usually used in homes. WAN (Wide Area Network) reaches across cities, countries, even around the world. Computer networks also vary by their design: Client-Server for businesses/offices, and Peer-Peer for homes.


By having a general idea about the different kinds of computer networks, you can adapt the one that best suits your needs. Once you have established your computer network, the information sharing becomes easier. But with convenience come some unwanted network problems.  It is important to learn a few basic fixes for common networking issues. In case, you are unable to resolve the issue at hand, you could get help from a remote pc repair company who can provide you support either through the Internet or through phone (in case of connectivity problem).


The major issues with computer networking are:
1) Internet connectivity issues,
2) Networking issues,
& 3) Others.

The following steps provide solutions to these problems.


Internet connectivity issues


If your computer is unable to connect to the Internet, one of the reasons could be duplicate IP address. When there more than one computer on a network, there is a possibility of the same IP address being assigned to them. This creates connectivity problems with respect to the Internet.

–       In such cases check the lights on the modem

–       Ensure that the cables are properly connected

–       Unplug and plug the cables back to their respective slots

–       Go to Control Panel, double-click on “System”, go to “Hardware” and select “Device manager”. Select “Network adapters” and click on the “+” sign. Check if there is any error message in the form on an “!” or “x”

–       Reboot your computer and check for the connectivity again

–       Make sure your TCP/IP settings have not changed. If so, type “ipconfig/release” at the command prompt. Next type “ipconfig /renew.” This will generate a new IP address

If none of the above steps work, make a note of the error messages received to convey to the technician. He will be able to isolate the problem and provide a fast solution.


Networking issues


If your computer is a part of a local or wide area network, but you are unable to see the other computers, then the following procedures could resolve the problem.

–       Make sure that the other computers in your network share the same domain name as that of your computer by selecting “System” option on right-click. Next select “Computer name”.

–       Turn off your windows firewall temporarily if activated

–       Enable sharing in all the computers of your network by selecting a folder and on right-click, select “Sharing”

Network problems occur because of poor mapping of computers. Also, it is wise to send bulky files in zipped format to lessen the transmission load across your network.




Other causes for network problems could be software issues. Some applications may have altered the configuration settings. Registry-related problems could also affect computer networks. You need to check the configuration settings of your computer. The malfunctioning of a software program could trigger network repair. Check for registry related errors and uninstall the problem software and test the network connectivity.


These are some simple and basic fixes for your computer’s common network problems. There could be cases wherein it is hard to pinpoint the exact trouble. It is then when the technicians at an online computer repair company such as can step in and resolve the problem. Their remote IT support will guide you to establish a great computer network at your home or office.