When you initially buy a computer, the computer will run efficiently to fulfill all your requirements. As the usage of the system increases, its performance reduces. The computer ultimately becomes slow. However, you can take certain steps to make your computer run faster. There are many technical tasks that you can easily handle if you get adequate online technical support. There are many remote pc repair companies in the market such as fixit99 that help you get optimum performance from your pc by increasing its speed. Let’s first identify the reasons for poor performance of your pc.


There are various reasons why the speed of your system decreases. Mostly the reason is based on the way you use your pc. Your computer can be made faster by increasing the RAM, removing the fragment files, increasing the processor speed, and by clearing space in your hard disk. Let’s explore each of these options one by one:


Importance of RAM


RAM is the main part of the computer system next to the processor. The processor and the RAM are the two things that determine the speed of the computer. The RAM helps in increasing the speed of the file transfer. At times, the RAM speed can also be increased based on our requirements. In the latest operating systems, more than 2GB RAM speed is necessary for the better performance of the graphic components. The RAM is the part of the computer that can be easily upgraded.


How to increase the speed of the system?


If the following things are taken into account and rectified, then the speed of your PC can be increased and the performance can also be made efficient.


Defragmentation of the disk:


Due to continuous transfer of the files in the hard disk, fragmented files are created in the hard disk. If the fragmented files increase, the speed of the system gradually reduces. There is a disk defragmenter tool in the Windows operating system that helps you defragment such files. You can even seek online technical assistance from a remote computer repair company to handle disk defragmentation process. You can get things resolved much faster and more efficiently!


Registry cleanup:


The registry is the important part of the windows that is responsible in holding the functions of the operating system and the programs that run on the operating system. If you want to increase the speed of your pc, you need to clean your registry regularly. If you don’t have any idea on how to perform registry clean up, then you can use the services of a remote computer repair company.


Hardware upgrades:


The speed of your pc is also affected due of software problems. Even the hardware plays a major role in maintaining the speed of the computer. The configuration of the computer has to be increased based on the necessity. Wondering where to go? Well, a cheap computer repair company can provide necessary upgrades for a reasonable price.


Removing bad program:


The bad programs make your computer malfunction. The removal of the bad programs or the unwanted programs will be the best choice to make your system work faster. Using the service of a reliable remote pc support company helps you enhance the speed of your pc by identifying the cause of system slowdown and take necessary steps to fix the problem.