These days the success of your business is largely governed by the use of Internet to perform day-to-day transactions and interactions with your customers. The server can be considered as the support system of an organization, which connects it to the rest of the world. Therefore, it is important to ensure the proper maintenance of your server as the data must be available 24×7 with minimal downtime to avert potential financial losses. Wondering what can be done to improve server uptime and minimize the associated cost and risk?

Listed below are top 3 server maintenance tips that can help you get started:

1. Power Management

You must ensure that the server is protected by a powerful battery backup that is rated to bear the power load of your server. If your battery backup is insufficient, the server may fail to shut down gracefully, which can cause damage to the file system. Normally, a 1500VA system can provide the desired backup for a single server and router.

2. Regular Backups

You must opt for regular backup of your server to ensure that it is possible to immediately get your business online in the event of a server failure.

3. Update Security Patches

You must update your servers with most up to date security patches as this helps you rectifying the known issues with Windows Server OS and fixing security holes arise from time to time and cause your server to fail a security audit. Not only this, the failure to update your server might even allow a remote attacker to extract sensitive information stored on your server.

Server uptime is important for the success and credibility of your business. It helps you maintain customer goodwill and cut down the potential business losses. By adopting a proactive approach, you can minimize the cost and complications related to server management.

If you are looking for a dependable partner for server management, you need to call for help.

While choosing a server management partner, you must ensure that the company is dedicated towards its work and is willing to provide you assistance even in near future. A wrong selection can temporarily or permanently damage all your data. You can even lose the ability to manage your business online for indefinite time.

Get in touch with a remote PC repair company such as, which offers online technical support and can help you fix all server related issues. An additional benefit is the fact that these companies do not charge much fee. Best of all, the fee needn’t be paid if your problem isn’t fixed. The silver lining is the fact that all pc repair work is done in front of your eyes. Other than taking care of your server, a dependable server maintenance company like can even take care of your PCs and thus help your business to grow manifolds.