Computers exist in almost every household and office globally. With the computers, the problems too arise as with any electronic equipment. Considering a career of an online computer repair technician is very demanding and rewarding. A qualified technician can handle everything from assembling a computer to all hardware and software related issues. The growing number of technicians indicates the lucrative opportunities in this field.


Computer technicians have the ability either to work as a stand-alone entity or work with companies. Their skills are always utilized to the maximum as all computers encounter problems at some point of time. There are many remote computer repair companies that have been mushrooming in the world of the Internet. It has been observed that computer users prefer to get their problems fixed instantly and the presence of online technical support firms are the solution.


An online computer technician needs to be well-versed with the entire computer system. To become an online computer technician, follow a few guidelines:

–       Try to learn about the computer functionality at your home. You need to curious and have the interest to learn about the functionality of computers

–       Try to resolve small problems in your computer to gain some valuable hands-on experience

–       It is important to get formal training in the field of computer technicians. There are many ways to get certified:

– Schools offer training courses to become certified as a computer technician
– College programs allow school graduates to pursue a degree

– Community colleges offer courses that train you for real-time jobs

–       After obtaining the required educational background, you must get professionally certified. This provides “certificate of validity” to your knowledge as a computer technician

–        There are many certifications available today that are either generic or vendor-specific. Being certified in many areas helps you have a rounded experience on computer technology


Being an online computer technician would involve more knowledge on the software-related issues as you would be working with a remote IT support company. The technology involves accessing the user’s computer through a remote location and resolving the issue with a video sharing program. The computer user would then authenticate and allow access to their computer. As an online pc repair expert, you can provide technical support from any location – home or office.


Since the demand for computer experts is constantly growing, the need to be updated continuously is essential to survive in this business. The computer technology is constantly evolving at a rapid rate, so the education process is ongoing. Since majority of the remote pc support companies such as fixit99 offer round the clock service, the technician has to be ready for calls at any time of the day or night. Perhaps, one of the most important qualities you should possess as a computer expert is patience. Being patient and courteous with an irate customer will take you a long way in this career.


If you are able to posses the thirst for constant learning, be abreast of the latest technologies, get formally certified and are able to transform the clients problems in to excellent solutions, you are a true online computer expert!