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How to Deactivate and Delete Windows XP’s Default Firewall?

Windows Firewall safeguards the file system integrity of your computer from being compromised by malicious scripts streaming in from external sources. When you hook on to the internet or any private network, the firewall forms a restrictive barrier and scans/ Read More →

How to Fix Spyware Registry Problems?

Spyware refers to software that gets downloaded on your pc as a hidden component along with some other software, freeware, or shareware programs or audio file. These spyware programs secretly collects crucial data from your pc including—passwords, email addresses, credit Read More →

How to Remove Adware and Spyware from your pc

It is quiet annoying to get stubborn adware and spyware on your PC. However, you can take some immediate steps to clean your pc by removing the adware. In case, your pc is heavily infected, you need access to a Read More →

How to Remove Googleupdate.exe From Your PC?

Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google Plus and several other Google applications may install an update mechanism called googleupdate.exe, googleupdater.exe, or something else with similar name. This mechanism may repeatedly try to access the Internet without even seeking your permission or Read More →

How to Remove Trojan Horse Generic33.cdpk Virus From Your PC ?

Trojan horse generic33.cdpk is perceived as a highly advanced Trojan virus that belongs to the giant Trojan horse generic33 family. This virus can be found by AVG antivirus. Though AVG quarantines it, but it still keeps appearing after every reboot. Read More →

What Are the Signs of a Virus and Malware Attack?

We all know a computer virus can be irritating as well as catastrophic at times. While some malware can corrupt the data stored on your pc and make it unstable, others might attempt to fill up all available space on Read More →

How to remove spyware from your system?

What is Spyware? Spyware refers to a computer program that installs itself on your system without your consent, gathers personal information, and sends it to the external sources. Majority of spyware enter your system when you download a software program, Read More →

Can your PC Get Infected from Facebook?

One of frequently asked questions by our readers is “Can Facebook give me a virus?” More than a billion people log in to Facebook at least once a month, which makes it a target site for criminals, who are looking Read More →

When Should You Upgrade Your RAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is crucial to the overall functioning of your computer system. Upgrading the RAM is one of the ways of increasing the speed of your computer. By increasing the size of RAM in your computer, you can Read More →

Should I Upgrade to Windows 8.1?

The new Windows 8.1, the latest offering from Microsoft has a vibrant and colorful interface.  Although primarily designed for tablet users, it can be used in a desktop environment too. The big question then is if you are a long-term Read More →