We all know a computer virus can be irritating as well as catastrophic at times. While some malware can corrupt the data stored on your pc and make it unstable, others might attempt to fill up all available space on your hard disk drive and make it completely useless. And there’s always a possibility a malicious hacker will get remote access to your pc and misuse all data stored in it.

No one wants a pc infected with a nasty virus. That’s why it’s imperative to follow safe computing habits and install reliable anti-virus software on your machine. It is easy to avoid most of malwares by being more careful while using your pc and refrain from most common traps. Your first priority should be to ensure that anti-virus software installed on your pc up to date. That means, you are in pretty good shape.

However, it might happen that computer viruses pass through all our defenses. This could be either due to outdated anti-virus software or it getting compromised by a remarkably clever bit of code. Do you know an occasional click on a link by accident can also activate a virus?

At times, it seems difficult to understand whether your pc has been attacked by a computer virus? If you have a habit of keeping your anti-virus software up to date, you might receive an instant message when the application scans your pc. That makes it a simple task! However, the real problem occurs when your software is outdated or the virus has succeeded in deactivate the anti-virus program. What are possible signs to watch out for that might indicate presence of virus in your pc?

Actually, there are quite a few signs that could signify the presence of malware or virus on your pc. Let’s take a closer look:

Signs of a Computer Virus

Let’s assume that your anti-virus software fails to alert you about the presence of a virus, in that case, here are some indicators of malware presence:

If your pc has becomes unstable, that suggests that something’s wrong. Some malware mess up with crucial files that facilitate smooth functioning of your pc, which could cause your pc to crash. In case, your pc crashes when you try to run a particular application or open a specific file that indicates that something has spoiled the data. It could be a virus or malware.

Your computer might run much more slowly than it used to. This could be again due to a malware as the malicious code starts removing your pc’s processing resources. Just notice if you are not running a resource-heavy application, but your computer still seems very slow, it might be infected with a computer virus.

All of a sudden, you might start receiving strange messages signifying that you can’t open certain drives on your pc that again signifies that something is seriously wrong. Similarly, applications that fail to run or files that fail to open could be due to virus infection. Other indicators are: hardware (such as printers) no longer responds to your commands. While none of these can certify that your pc has a virus, but they do indicate that something is wrong with your system.

It’s important to remember that some viruses or malware can be difficult to remove. In this situation, you must get in touch with a reliable pc repair expert such as fixit99.com. A pc repair expert can help you get rid of virus and malware and help you clean, optimize and protect it from any potential attacks in future. Get in touch with us today for a live, toll-free chat!